Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ministry cuts fees for expatriate students in government schools :: Khaleej Times

DUBAI — The Ministry of Education has announced a substantial reduction in admission fees for children of expatriates in government schools.

''Annual fees for students in grade 1 to 3 will be slashed by 50 per cent from Dh 6000 to Dh 3000 a year while those of grade 4 to 7 will be amended to be Dh 4000. As for grade 8 and 9 fees will be in the range of Dh 5000, according to a resolution endorsed by Minister of Higher Education, and acting Education Minister Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan.

The ministry has set Dh 6000 as fee for each grade at the secondary school level. Earlier the ministry specified fee for grade 1 to 12 at Dh 6000 and despite that it imposes strict requirements for admission.

The ministry has also allowed the acceptance of children of Arab expatriates employed by the federal government at remote areas that are far away by 35 kilometres, instead of 50 kilometres, from the nearest private school.
I presume the goal is to improve the quality of education of nationals. One of the inputs to a good education is the other children in the classroom. Increasing the number of highly talented or highly motivated students can improve the quality of learning as those students transmit knowledge and make the environment more competitive. These effects may be greatest for the other talented students in the classroom.

Not so long ago government schools closed the doors to expatriates. This policy represents a reversal.

The parents of these expat children have superior alternatives in terms of school quality. Thus, to attract the most talented of these students the price has to be right.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a very good step. In fact, I suggest the UAE government should go further.

I live in Middle East and went to Singapore for university education. I realised there that one major factor for Singapore's government drive to provide scholarships and tuition fee grants to students of China and other countries like Vietnam was to improve the competitiveness of classrooms. As a result of this policy, over 33,000 (as I recall) Chinese students come to Singapore in schools, junior colleges (called JCs there which conduct A/Ls) and universities like NUS and NTU. The competitiveness train Singaporeans for future - to face the challenge, study harder, and get ready for 21st century.

9:16 PM  
Blogger sid said...


...My comments are not in context with the above post. However they are related to the Education in Dubai... I stumbled upon your blog during my research for a microsoft project. Good to see that this blog is quiet active and lively.
As i am from India studying in Dubai, I hav not much idea about the education system of UAE especially abou the IT scenario in the region. I need this info for my Project with Microsoft. This project is called Micorsoft Imagine cup, which is a s/w development competition. It is a brilliant platform for Tech savvy guys to showcase their skills.
It has some other domains like movie making photography too. Every year MS have different themes to run this program, this year it is IT in education. This is for the first time that such competition will happen in this region. One winner from each region might get an oppotunity to go to Korea for final round. All expenses paid !! and if he wins there he will huge monetary award.

for more info about the cup you can visit :
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It will be great help if you can come up with your views on this competition.

11:11 PM  

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