Monday, November 27, 2006

Iran Restricts Broadband Speeds to Save Islamic Culture :: PRMinds

From PRMinds comes this RNCOS press release:
Islamic government of Iran is debarring Internet links of high-speed as an effort to dampen its internal political clashes and to battle against the western culture’s influence.

Government of Iran is limiting the download speeds of Internet to keep its younger generation away from outside influences that can undermine its Islamic culture. The service providers in the country have been instructed to restrict download speed to 128 Kbps. It will make the download of foreign music and video from Internet difficult.
. . .
Recent report by RNCOS, “Middle East and Africa Broadband Sector Analysis (2007)” puts forth that in many of the Middle East and African countries, the government has imposed strict restrictions and censorship on Internet use. Countries like United Arab Emirates, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran have been observing online ban though some relaxation has been given off late. This tight ban is bound to hinder the progress of broadband market and Internet access in these areas.

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