Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Newspaper in the news :: CampaignME

CampaignME reports:
UAE daily freesheet 7Days was fighting for its survival last week after its distributor suddenly ended its relationship with the paper.

Distribution firm Blue Truck had been responsible for the paper's circulation across the country until it decided to stop delivering the paper to homes and offices early last week.

Blue Truck refused to comment on the reasons why it was no longer distributing the paper when contacted by Campaign.

The newspaper, published by Al Sidra Media, relies heavily on its delivery network to homes and office blocks across the UAE. It has a BPA audited circulation of 70,906.

The news comes after the paper was heavily criticised by some parts of the UAE's media for aspects of its editorial coverage in recent weeks.

A spokesman from 7Days was unavailable for comment, but a senior source at the paper claimed another distributor had been found and deliveries were slowly returning to normal.

Some advertisers have also stopped using the tabloid, Campaign understands.
. . .
Al Sidra Media, the publishers of 7DAYS, last night confirmed that the services of a journalist had been terminated as the result of an article which appeared in the newspaper on Sunday, and which caused offence among the local UAE population.

. . . a spokesman for Al Sidra Media said: “We felt the lapse was so serious that sever action had to be taken. As a result, the services of a journalist have been terminated.”

From Wikipedia:
Published by Al Sidra Media, it is the only newspaper in the UAE that is not beholden to special interest groups, whether it be major business families, or the government, and as such has become a trusted source of news in Dubai
. . .
well-known for its irrelevent style.
Irrelevent? Hmm.


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