Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gapminder @ google: Carbon emissions

Google's got a nifty new tool. Follow this link for a chart showing income and carbon emissions. Be sure to click play to see how things have changed over time. I've highlighted India, China, the UAE and the US. The UAE has battled the US for first place in per capita emissions for some time.

For economists Gapminder is better than HDTV.

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Anonymous I Still Like Krugman said...

That's a weird profile for the UAE's GNP ... it must relate to the increasing number of nearly-impoverished workers imported here. Further clouding the issue, though, would be the UAE's famous ability to massage numbers. I'd say that given these uncertainties it's probably safer to say that their carbon emissions-to-GNP ratio has remained essentially unchanged over the last thirty years, despite improvements in technology and efficiency ... hey, just like the USA!

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