Saturday, February 03, 2007

MoE raises bar, fewer students pass

It is admirable that the Ministry of Education is setting higher standards for graduation. It is not surprising, though, that when you raise the bar the students educated under the old system do not make the grade. They've not been exposed to the content or the culture of the new expectations. That takes time.

It's good sign that universities are raising their standards, pulling along public (government) education at the secondary and primary level.

From the Gulf News:
Dr Abdullah Al Kamali, First Instructor at the Ministry of Education, said that the new system does not only evaluate pupils on their performance in exams but also includes course work, which counts for 50 per cent of their total average.

"The current system is set because universities in the country have raised their entry level standards," he said.

Many students are asked to join foundation courses before going into their first undergraduate year, he said while pointing to the growing number of students entering universities without possessing basic skills.

He acknowledged that the new system should have been implemented gradually since students are unfamiliar with research and report writing techniques.

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