Thursday, February 15, 2007

Unemployed Saudi youth sad lot :: Arab News

I have a vision: A vision that sets the stage for the creation of generation two of Saudi Arabia’s Dynamic Leaders of Tomorrow (SADLOT). It is a vision that calls for a top down, and a bottom up approach to youth integration.
If each chamber of commerce was mandated by policy to establish a “Youth Economic Council” as the formal economic voice of our nation’s SADLOT, then I am sure that the fresh young blood will not be lacking in providing us with new ideas for resolving old issues of unemployment, economic diversification, and entrepreneurial support.
In other news,

- Hairdressing: A Trade Looked Down Upon in Saudi Society
- 14% of Madinah Residents Live in Poverty: Survey
- Employers Skirting Saudization Quota Pledged Iron Fist
- Need for Educational Reform Stressed
- Website Provides Forum for Unemployed to Voice Their Concerns

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