Friday, March 30, 2007

Headline: MoE, MoF sing different tunes: Gulf Today

CONSUMER Protection Society expert Hassan Marae Al Kathiri has rejected justifications of the dairy and juice producers' group over hike of prices by 08- 12 per cent.

Kathiri lauded the attitude taken by the Ministry of Economy against the price-hike, indicating that he supports subsidy of the local industry by the government, indicating that such groups should assist them to solve their problems and remove impediments in their way in order to serve consumer and not to raise prices in unjustified manner.

"Any firm which thinks of price-hike should first contact the competent authorities," he added, indicating that "the consumers and the competent authorities do not accept sudden price-hike and surfacing of lobbying that monopolise some commodities."
Meanwhile, sources of Ministry of Finance and Industry, considered hike of milk prices as a commercial issue that the ministry has nothing to do with it. But the Ministry of Economy warned about the monopoly alliance to raise products of the dairy companies, indicating "It is a clear violation of the consumer protection law."
Mohammed Mousa Al Jassim, head of the consumer protection society called for cancelling all the trade agencies which monopolise food items nationwide, adding that the trade agencies bear the names of UAE nationals, but actually wielded by foreigners.

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