Saturday, May 12, 2007

Surely UN jest: Zimbabwe to chair environment body

Further confirmation that the United Nations cannot be taken seriously:
Zimbabwe has been elected head of the UN's main inter-governmental body on the environment, despite criticism over the way it has managed its own economy.

European Union nations led objections to Zimbabwe's candidacy late on Friday, when the Commission on Sustainable Development voted for a new chair.

The 53-nation commission choose Zimbabwe's environment and tourism minister, Francis Nheme, as chairman to replace oil-producer Qatar.
Human rights organisations also voiced outrage over the decision.

Both the United States and the European Union have imposed targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe for human rights abuses.

The chair rotates every year between the world's regions and was chosen by African countries this year.
It's all here.



Blogger nzm said...

J and I were shaking our heads over this report yesterday when she read it off a German news website.

Not only that, but we also found that there were women's and aborigine group UN members in the UN who also have a right to vote on legislation. Our question was: who elects these women to speak on our behalf?

That Telegraph article reads like a piece of satire that you'd expect to see on The Onion or the now defunct!

3:27 PM  

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