Friday, June 08, 2007

There's a new blog in town

VoxEU is an economics blog

Those "who have agreed to contribute regularly, are: Philippe Aghin, Alberto Alesina, Richard Baldwin, Giuseppe Bertola, Tim Besley, Olivier Blanchard, Tito Boeri, Willem Buiter, Michael Burda, Stephen Cecchetti, Daniel Cohen, Juan Dolado, Esther Duflo, Barry Eichengreen, Francesco Giavazzi, Jeffrey Frankel, Rachel Griffith, Philip Lane, Philippe Martin, Richard Portes, Anne Sibert, Guido Tabellini, Shang-Jin Wei, and Charles Wyplosz."

Contributions welcomed: "Vox will feature items that are diverse both in terms of length and depth of analysis, but a key element will be 'columns' by researchers on policy relevant topics. These will be 500-1500 word "research-based policy analysis and commentary". The level should be above a newspaper column but very much more accessible than a journal article. The audience is trained economists (not necessarily PhD but some formal training) in the public and private sectors, academia as well as the specialized media. We encourage references to research, tables, charts and diagrams where appropriate. We encourage submissions from all professional economists."



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