Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is that clear?

Dubai authorities are taking notice of the value of carpooling for reducing traffic congestion. But they remain hesitant. They fear, I think, it would be too successful if it was unregulated. Allowing money to might change hands to share expenses or even to compensate the driver for his or her time would encourage carpooling. And compete with the taxis which are government owned. Thus, there must be a carpooling system. The invisible hand is not to be trusted.

Gulf News reports
Regulations for car pooling are being finalised and will be announced soon, said a senior official.
He said that "pooling a car" for monetary gain is illegal but sharing a car with colleagues going to the same location is allowed.
He said the RTA is considering to introduce system allowing motorists to register their cars to be used for "car pooling service". However, he said that motorists using their cars as illegal taxis are fined at least Dh2,000.

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