Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Want more and safer roads?

Here's how you can contribute.

Okay, okay, here's what the link says,
Some transportation experts believe that [in the U.S.] mileage fees will replace the gas tax within the next 15-20 years. "At some point, in some metro areas, market-based pricing using the latest technology will supplant the fuel tax revenues," says Joseph Giglio, a professor at Northeastern University who has written extensively on transportation financing.

Privacy advocates worry about the use of satellite navigation technology to track drivers' movements. "Where you go is something that, for the most part, people consider private," says Lee Tien, an attorney who specializes in privacy issues for the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation. "The second point is, it's the sort of thing we do to the bad guys. Where do you hear a lot about GPS tracking? It's for prisoners or people who are out on probation."
With GPS it would also be feasible to introduce congestion pricing.

Billing could be done to your mobile phone account.

Wow. With GPS your speed could also be monitored. No more need for traffic cameras.

Would you like your insurance company to have access to the information and charge you according your driving behavior, including the time of day you chose to drive and the routes you chose?

No more off roading in my rental car.



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