Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Permanent Committee for Monitoring the UAE's Image Abroad

Gulf News
The Cabinet has set up a taskforce to draft a law to regulate the relationship between domestic workers and their sponsors. The proposed law will ensure rights and duties of both sides are guaranteed, WAM reported.
Dr Anwar Gargash UAE, Minster of State for Federal National Council Affairs, praised the Cabinet move. "We are fully aware in the UAE of the need to improve the situation of domestic workers and have been working systematically towards that goal," he told Gulf News yesterday. He described the decision as a major step.

Dr Gargash, who is also Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Monitoring the UAE's Image Abroad, added the move was an important milestone in protecting the rights of domestic workers in line with national and international standards.
The UAE Human Rights Organisation has provided recommendations on a number of issues concerning the contract regulating the relationship between domestic helpers and their employers.

  • The contract should provide for a minimum wage because low salary is a major reason why a domestic helper absconds from her or his sponsor.
  • Minimum working hours and specific duties for each job.
  • System to transfer wages to banks regularly and on time.
  • Proper accommodation which ensures privacy is observed.
  • Specific daily working hours and weekly rest.
  • Equal annual leave as compared to other workers.
  • Providing a hotline to receive complaints from domestic workers against any abuses.
  • Contract to be translated into languages known by domestic helpers.



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