Monday, December 17, 2007

When it pays to have a backup car...

...And you can afford it. Gulf News that traffic fines are not high enough to deter some people. It's not a fine, it's the price of driving like a nut:
Police have abolished a system under which errant motorists could pay a fee to avoid confiscation of their car - because it was not enough of a deterrent to bad driving.

It was found that the majority of motorists who paid money instead of having their vehicles confiscated then went on to repeat the offences.

Under the previous system, which was implemented several months ago, drivers could pay Dh100 per day for each day of the confiscation period. They could choose to pay for all or a number of days.

The confiscation period is from one week to three months, depending on the severity of the offence. However, motorists who committed dangerous offences did not have the option of paying to avoid having their vehicles impounded.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of Dubai Police, said the system was changed because it did not reduce the number of traffic offences.



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