Thursday, May 08, 2008

How stupid are American voters?

Not that stupid. Hillary's gas tax holiday backfired. Barack reminded voters how he is different.


Blogger rosh said...

Am not sure about this Obama mania. Honestly I think most folks can see, Clinton brings in so much experience on how to run a country, especially one like the US, given all it's problems today.

I like Obama, he seems fresh - but this country need someone with experience, grit and an immense amount of fighting spirit. This Obama support seems more of wanting something Fresh, and Fresh isn't always the best option - especially in running a nation like the US, well I think.

If Obama wins the nomination - I do not think Americans shall vote him into the White house, quite possibly McCain.

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama talks to educated people. He is logical and practical. Clinton talks to the masses. She doesn't say what she means, she says what the masses want to hear (or she thinks they want to hear). Both have more or less the same agenda (they are both democrats). The difference then is in personalities.

Clinton appears to be more eager to be president and in power, whereas Obama seems to be a lot more keen implementing plans to create his own vision for the US.

Not sure whose plans are better, but I most certainly prefer to see someone who is not about 'me me me' and more about getting things done.

Clinton hardly has 'experience'. Al Abbar's wife can't claim to have experience to run Emaar.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous above in that power-hungry Clinton will only further the cause of American Imperialism. Enough of the elite old guard which has failed America and plunged the US and rest of the world into it's current state of confusion.

Obama has the vision and the understanding to guide America out of it's mess.

One only needs to dig into Hillary's past history of mis-doings in the White House to know the real person behind that smiling face.

5:35 PM  
Blogger JS said...

A question: why is Ron Paul, the only candidate who makes sense, being ignored in this whole race?

Ron Paul 2008!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Caliber said...

I started off as a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I felt Clinton had much more experience than Obama. The reason I converted to Obama was during the middle of the primaries in which it was becoming more and more apprent that Clinton was becoming more of a puppet feeding the masses what they wanted to hear and using Karl Rove-like tactics just to win. She was fake, and no matter what was thrown at Obama, he showed professionalism and character and didn't go on an attack-spree just to win the primaries. I finally had respect for a politician. But my answer to the original question posted "How stupid are American voters?"... my answer is: Extremely stupid. People never pay attention to the real issues, they'd rather allow the media to steer them into stupidity like a fist bump between the Obamas is seen as a terrorist gesture... somehow. Bush got in power because American voters (e.i. Rednecks registered to vote) liked the fact that W was a good ole' boy with a Texan drawl who represented the "heartland" of America (as if people who live in New York & Los Angeles are from a different country). Why not vote for him? By God they'd love to have a beer with that guy... Politicians are underhanded because they know voters are stupid and can be led to pay attention to anything by the propaganda machine media. That's why Hillary shot back a few shots of Whiskey (Or what is rum, whatever, who cares?). If the American voters can stop basing their votes on the most trivialistic things, we would be so much better off. We even have femenists in this country who felt like there was a gender baise against Clinton. Maybe it was, but why vote for McCain out of spite? It wasn't Obama's fault that some male idiots in this country heard the voice of a whining wife asking them to take out the trash whenever they heard Hillary speak. A vote out of spite??? How irresponsible can you be?!? The government can only have as much power as the People allow them to have. Whatever happens to America is what we deserve. It's our own fault we pay attention to crap like trying to impeach a great President for receiving a BJ even though we were at the biggest surplus this country has seen thus far. Wake up.

7:53 AM  

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