Monday, June 09, 2008

Links I liked

1. The Corn-Ethanol Industrial complex. "Ethanol, once heralded as the homegrown Nicorette gum of America's oil addiction, is getting a second look from lawmakers suddenly concerned about the unintended consequences of merging the fuel and food markets."

2. The wisdom of the crowds (not). (Charts)

3. Carbon footprint of food: More complex than we think. "Reducing carbon emissions is more complex than 'buy local'."

4. This Global Show Must Go On. "What’s really happening is that many people, whether in the United States or abroad, are unduly suspicious about economic relations with foreigners. These complaints stem from basic human nature — namely, our tendency to divide people into “in groups” and “out groups” and to elevate one and to demonize the other."

5. Why oil prices will tank. "The sudden surge in demand and the production bottlenecks have thrown the market radically out of balance. Almost exactly the same thing happened in the housing market. And both housing and oil supply react to a surge in demand with a long lag."

6. Bryan Caplan on US and European roads (link fixed). "Much as it pains me to admit, I would choose to live in the country with the Euro system. If you're at least upper-middle class, the convenience is worth the price. Yes, this is another secret way that Europe is better for the rich, and the U.S. for everyone else."

7. The Prius versus the Hummer. Mile for mile, which is better for the environment? A nickel for your thoughts.

8. Recycling, cents or nonsense?


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