Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whizzinator marketers plead guilty

For Annals of Markets in Everything the BBC reports:
The makers of a prosthetic penis to help men cheat on drugs tests have pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy in a US federal court.
The men ran an internet company known as Puck Technology, which between 2005 and 2008 sold the Whizzinator and a similar device, known as Number One.

"The Whizzinator is the ultimate solution for a drug testing device," says a statement on the website of the California-based company, which calls itself the "undisputed leader in synthetic urine."
The device was sold with a heating element and fake urine to help people test negative for illegal substances.
In related news, Russian urine is imported to the US.

In 2004 a South Carolinian spent time in jail for selling his own urine.

In 2008 a Sacramento drug test administrator entered the business.

I was unsuccessful in locating a news article I recall of a Texas church which entered the business. They emphasized quality, because the members were supposedly drug free.

The "markets in everything" is catchphrase taken from Marginal Revolution.



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