Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The French rediscover enterpreneurship

Still frown upon it.

On faismesdevoirs.com (domyhomework.com), children will be able to buy answers to simple maths problems for 5 euros ($6), while a full end-of-year presentation complete with slides and speaking notes will cost 80 euros ($100).

The website goes live Thursday morning, founder Stephane Boukris told Reuters.

"I realized there was a gap in the market. Add to that a dose of insolence, a zest of arrogance and the internet, and you have faismesdevoirs.com," he said.
"It is shocking. It defeats the purpose of education which is that the pupils need to learn for themselves how to do the work," said Agathe Field, a young English teacher at a secondary school in a suburb of Paris.

"It turns them into consumers. The message is that for the right price you can get the results you want. It's nonsense," she said.
Thanks to Alf Coles at The Browser.

The idea is probably as old formal schooling. Here's a related EmEc post about US school kids outsourcing their homework to India.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And how is this any different from private schools charging a fee? Education IS a business and students ARE customers and have been forever.

This site is only pointing out the obvious, be it in a very straight to the point way.

I've personally done outright projects for friends/brothers/cousins for free. Done them 100%.

The question shouldnt be why is this site going live, or the ethics behind it. The real question is how badly are education systems the world over failing where they produce students who A. Have no WANT to learn, no zeal, and no drive. And B. Students that have such morals (or lack there of) where a market for this type of service is able to take shape.

12:33 AM  

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