Saturday, January 16, 2010

The logic behind the bizarre Emirati borders

Dubai, the next Emirate to the north of Abu Dhabi, is the second largest and occupies 5% of the land of the UAE. Dubai’s territory is basically unified in a neat block, with the only exception being the Oman border town of Hatta.

The remaining five emirates occupy less than 10% of the land, and their borders are a collosal mess, containing enclaves, narrow bands of territory, and disputed tracks of wasteland that look chaotic. It’s a wonder this messy border situation survived—but has was it cr
eated and why does it still exist, almost 40 years after the UAE was founded?
A map and further explanation here. Recommended, especially for those new to the UAE.


Blogger Acad Ronin said...

Ever seen a map of the border areas between Germany, Belgium and Holland? Or Italy and Switzerland? They are as messy. Essentially, both Europe and the UAE show feudal remnants; the UAE is just more recent.

10:24 PM  
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