Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sentence of the day

Community sacks sex workers for corrupting youths
One of the affected commercial sex workers, who identified herself simply as Reis, lamented the attack on her “business,” from which she claimed to pay “tax” to the Gbagi community leaders on a monthly basis.

Reis, who said she made at least N25,000 [$164] per week, said she would relocate to another place to continue with her business. “I don’t understand why the youth attacked our business when we pay tax to them every month. The surprising thing is that these youths are part of our customers and we treat them nicely, but all of a sudden, they came to demolish our house. Is it fair?” she queried.

Another sex worker, who declined to give her name, said she was confused about what to do next, adding that she had been stranded and had no place to shelter.

“The actions of the Gbagi youths have caused a setback to my daily ‘Adashi’ contribution.* I don’t know where to stay now; maybe I will go back to Benue State,” she said regretfully.
*Adashi used in a sentence: "Our people--wealthy and poor--give. We have many names for our giving: tithing, esusu, adashi, harambee, volunteering, advocacy, or philanthropy." (source)



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