Monday, March 28, 2011

GCC has team in NCAA Final 4 for second time in 5 years

The Gulf Coast Conference Countries are having great success out of proportion to the GCC's reputation in men's college hoops.

First it was George Mason University in 2006 with its UAE RAK roots.

Now it's Virginia Commonwealth University with its Qatar roots.

Both are members of a prestigious club: teams that have made it to the NCAA Men's Basketball Final 4.

VCU defeated the titan, Kansas, to reach The Final 4. May Qatar (and the UAE) have the same success in the skies over Libya.

The VCU-Qatar ties are in the arts. Coincidentally, today, US News & World Report ranked VCU #1 in sculpture, and #4 in fine arts.

Did I mention I live in Richmond, Virginia, home to VCU?

Stateside, George Mason and VCU are known as members of the Colonial Athletic Association.

Colonial? Hmmm. How about Trucial?



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