Thursday, April 14, 2011

UAE prison watch

The UAE has made international news with these two events -- the death of a man in prison, and a 14 year old being held on the charge of adultery.

Father distressed as 14-year-old girl set to be tried for adultery - Gulf News
Ajman: A 14-year-old girl will appear in court on a charge of adultery later this month, court sources have told Gulf News.
"The law states that the minimum age of suspects in crimes related to sex must be 15 years. Such cases should be conducted in special juvenile courts. Otherwise, suspects are considered victims rather than suspects," another law expert told Gulf News.

The suspect was detained by the Ajman police on March 22, something her father said could ruin her future. The 14-year-old girl was charged with adultery when she was caught meeting with her 25-year-old boyfriend on the roof top of the building her family lives in.

She was locked up for more than two weeks at the Ajman central jail with older women before being transferred to a juvenile centre in Sharjah, a day after Gulf News published her story. The young girl was also locked up for three days in solitary confinement in a section reserved for Emiratis. Expatriate children who commit crimes are usually locked up at central jails with adults, but the case of the girl was handled differently.
[Her father] had earlier revealed how his daughter had been referred to a gynaecologist for a virginity test [which she passed].
The story is flying around the web.

Meanwhile, The National's story on the death of a man in a Dubai prison seems to have disappeared:

Thus, we are left with this British tabloid version:

Cops beat Brit to death in Dubai cell - The Sun
A BRITISH tourist was savagely beaten for two days by brutal Dubai cops who then left him to die in his cell, sickened inmates said last night. Lee Brown, 39 - arrested after a hotel row - was stripped and handcuffed before being pulverised by up to six officers with their feet, fists and batons.
Added. Thanks to the first commenter below it is confirmed that The National did run the story linked above; check out this Google search.

The National now has an additional story on the death.

Postmortem confirms cause of British tourist's death - The National
DUBAI // A British tourist who died in police custody after being arrested in Dubai suffocated on his own vomit, the Dubai Attorney General has said. An autopsy revealed the cause of death and found traces of hashish in his blood stream.

Lee Bradley Brown, 39, was arrested on April 6 at the Burj Al Arab after assaulting an Asian hotel worker by pulling her hair and attempting to throw her off a sixth-floor balcony overlooking the lobby, according to the Dubai Attorney General. He was restrained by several hotel workers and police were called to the scene.
He was held in custody at Bur Dubai Police Station, where he was visited by consular officials on April 7. "We were aware that he had been arrested and he was visited by UK consular officials in Dubai last week," said a spokesman for the British Foreign Office. At the time of the visit, Brown was said to be in good health.



Blogger Seabee said...

I'm in the UK right now John and the radio news reports have had this story throughout the day in the hourly headline updates. Gulf News, I see, has a story reporting that Dubai Police say his death was from natural causes.

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I do not know about it., But thank you for seabee blame you wrote it, but I do know a lot more about it, I will tell about it?your website is best.

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these i am very busy and due to this reason i am unable to watch and list news but through this of your blog i came to know that i happens ,may police is right or may be ,depends on the victim's body status ...

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