Monday, May 30, 2011

Defending the UAE status quo

An op-ed in the Gulf News titled At what cost democracy? seem to me to identify only one cost.
The demand for elections in a country whose citizens are a minority means opening the door for foreigners to ask, in the future, for political participation. It also means opening the door for Iran, which is occupying part of Emirati soil, to support movements that threaten the stability the UAE has enjoyed for four decades.

This sort of argument is the use of fears to justify the lack of democracy and open debate.

He argues there isn't censorship, but doesn't admit that activists and intellectuals who speak out are rounded up.

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Blogger Duffy said...

If that's the best argument they car marshal against democracy they're either not trying or they realize there isn't much reason to oppose it.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Dubai Real Estate said...

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1:11 PM  
Anonymous muebles teruel said...

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11:53 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

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