Thursday, June 16, 2011

Countries ranked by GDP per capita

Global Finance magazine has ranked countries by GDP per capita. Qatar comes out first among all nations at $90,000. Second is Luxembuorg at $74,000.

Within the GCC, Qatar is followed by Kuwait ($39,000, 14th place) and the UAE ($36,000, 18th place).

These numbers are not adjusted for the number migrant workers. Because of the small proportion of citizens in the UAE population, one of the smallest in the world, making that adjustment would be bring the UAE up several rungs in the ordinal ranking. Just a guess, but I'd not be surprised if the UAE was second in the world if you looked at income per citizen.


Anonymous UAE Competition said...

Wow!...really very informative.. what about other regional countries like KSA, Oman, where do they fall?

11:42 AM  
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