Sunday, April 13, 2008

The National - a new paper for the UAE

The Guardian:
Former Daily Telegraph editor Martin Newland's new Abu Dhabi newspaper, The National, will launch within a fortnight.

It will have an editorial staff of about 200 and is designed to give the capital of the United Arab Emirates a national voice.
The National is owned by an investment fund controlled by the Abu Dhabi government.

Deputy editor Hassan Fattah, a Californian of Iraqi parentage, worked for the New York Times and launched a newspaper in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. James Langton, Alan Philps, Sue Ryan and Bob Cowan held senior posts at the Telegraph, while Anna Seaman and Tahira Yaqoob came from the Daily Mail. Laura Koot, Brian Kerrigan, Rob McKenzie and Michael Jabri-Pickett previously worked with Newland when he launched the National Post in Canada for Conrad Black.

Newland's Abu Dhabi venture has also appointed Bill Spindle, the former corporate finance editor of the Wall Street Journal, as business editor.
This is a major venture that in financial wherewithall to rival top world papers in depth, and breadth of coverage. The people who have been hired are serious journalists who value their reputations and have put them on the line. In a world in which the internet and other media are cutting into the profitability of newspapers, and newspapers have been cutting staff, it will be interesting to watch.

National Review Online comments,
This is a fascinating and complex project. On the one hand, it's always great to see a new daily launching. On the other, newspapers that are owned even in part by a government are inherently problematic.

Either way, if this brings a dose of independent-minded reporting and commentary to the area, it is to be celebrated.
UPDATE, April 17: The National is up and running.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The National"?
I can say the name sucks.

And it sounds like the paper will be run by some 'proper' conservative characters.

oh well


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