Saturday, May 07, 2005

Female stock traders in Dubai - Gulf News

Female stock traders at the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) say the bourse's infrastructure facilities are poor and asked the authorities to find quick solutions. A cross-section who spoke to Gulf News said that the trading hall is in a mess and their main problems are a lack of parking and chairs.

One woman said: "There are elevated viewing galleries, but these do not serve the purpose of ladies who want to actively trade on the floor of the bourse. Recent months have seen increasing numbers of women and men on the floor of the house. All investors find it difficult to place orders speedily because of the crowd on the floor itself. They have to navigate through to get to their broker and then there is a group of customers around brokers."

Women at the bourse
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Umm Ahmad, a 45-year-old UAE national, said: "I come here every day to buy and sell shares. There are no proper parking areas for the investors, and thus I have to leave home at least two hours before the stock market opens in order to get a parking place."

Umm Ahmad added that there are no chairs as well. "Most of the time women at the DFM fight for chairs, and the situation is very exhausting. If we were late, then it means we have to sit on the floor or on the stairs, which is not proper for elderly ladies."

A.A., another 32-year-old UAE national, said: "We are facing many problems here. Mainly, the ladies who bring their children with them.

"There is no discipline here, and the presence of children creates more chaos and noise. Unfortunately, there is nobody here to monitor this."

She said some females bring their housemaids as well.

"One of the very old UAE national ladies brings her housemaid here to read the stock prices for her. Her housemaid also carries the coffee and chair on which she sits."

She pointed out that the male investors are also very pushy and rude.

"Most of the time they don't give us a chance to see the brokers. They push us away, and many times harass us as well. This situation is not good at all."

According to her, there should be a separate hall and brokers for women.



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