Friday, May 27, 2005

Growing calls for women to teach elementary boys in Saudi Arabia :: Arab News

For educationalist Abdullah Al-Barkan, the issue is about more than schools. “The problem is the contradiction we live. We are asked not to use any form of physical punishment against students, yet punishment is practiced at home. We never learned how to use dialogue. Many children now resolve any problem they face by fighting and violence. This is what they need to focus on, more than they need to focus on teachers using violence.”

The issue of violence committed by teachers links with the matter of women possibly being allowed to teach boys at elementary schools. “I read early this week that Education Minister Dr. Abdullah ibn Saleh Bin-Obaid, is currently considering suspending problem teachers,” said Abu Jameel, a vice principal in a government boys’ school. “Problem teachers include those who deal badly with the students. I’m male and I admit that the majority of Saudi male teachers shouldn’t be teaching elementary school. Only a minority have their hearts in it or even care. I truly hope that our minister is serious and committed about clearing problem teachers out of our schools.”

So what does he think of women teaching elementary students? “It’s definitely an alternative solution until we have enough competent elementary male teachers. There should be no hesitation over making whatever changes are needed to help the education of future generations.”

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