Friday, May 27, 2005

UAE poultry war :: Khaleej Times

DUBAI — Local poultry companies are slated to meet at the end of the month to discuss effective measures to protect the Emirates Poultry Producers Association's (EPPA) uniform price agreement reached in October 2004, and to seek more cooperation with retailers and distributors to help the industry survive.

The decision by the Ministry of Finance and Industry to convene with the EPPA members in Dubai follows violation of its uniform price policy by the Union Cooperative Society currently selling poultry brought from Oman under its brand name 'Al Itihad' at very low market price. The move has resulted in financial losses estimated at millions of dirhams for 16 local companies which have invested Dh1 billion in this industry.
Let a price floor be your umbrella. But make sure it doesn't leak or you'll really be in a world of hurt.

Consumers, who's looking out for your interest? I thought the government was on your side.



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