Thursday, May 26, 2005

Several items that caught my eye in today's Gulf News

The Chief of Dubai Police has disputed the notion there is a lack of jobs for UAE nationals he says the problem lies with people unwilling to work away from home.

A housemaid who became pregnant by her sponsor's son and was found delivering the illegitimate baby in her sponsor's house has been jailed for four months.The sponsor's son received the same jail term.

A constraint can make you better off
It depends on the meeter's preferences. The obligation to wait in a bustling crowd for your arriver has been removed.

Photo feature on the men who make fishing nets in Dubai

Sudanese women may get about 30 per cent of all parliamentary seats and federal government positions if the draft constitution is approved next month, Sudan's Foreign Minister said.
Unfortunately, it will be as the result of a quota, not the result of a popular election.

The Government of Kuwait has decided not to take any decision for the time-being on appointing Dr Farida Al Habib as a minister to avoid possible clashes with Islamists despite discussing this issue during the recent Cabinet meeting, says Al Rai Al Aam newspaper quoting reliable sources.
Intimidation can be used for good and for evil. You decide which it is in this case.



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