Wednesday, May 25, 2005

OECD issues disclaimer on EU countries :: EUobserver


Via the ever reliable Mahalanobis.

"It’s not fair to examine all policies in non-EU countries, but not all policies in EU countries. We think countries should be measured according to the same standards", one official at the OECD from a non-EU country told the EUobserver.

Based in Paris the OECD brings together 30 countries sharing a commitment to democratic government and market economies.

There are 19 EU countries in the OECD together with industrialised countries in the world.

The countries allow the OECD to compare, analyse and comment on their individual economies in regular reports. The surveys often include recommendations for political action to be taken by the organisation’s member states.

In total, OECD members produce 60% of the world’s goods and services.


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