Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bahrain Online?

On the keywords Bahrain and Online, Google News gives us these recent items

o Bahraini bloggers face criminal charges :: Guardian: "Although the state telecoms' monopoly has been trying to block it since 2002, Bahrain Online is the country's most popular website. It has has 26,000 registered users. The Gulf state's technologically literate youth have become adept at accessing the site (which is hosted in the US) through proxy addresses."

o University of Bahrain improves network performance with 3Com switching solution: Supported by the 3Com solution, the university's 20,000 students can now readily remote-access the university's network from anywhere in the world. Students and teachers are able to access learning tools at e-libraries, engage in videoconferences with their professors, and exchange papers and corrections over the network with minimum delay.

o Batelco extends WiFi service with range of new payment options: "says Adel Daylami, Senior Manager - Voice & Data Services. 'Batelco already has a number of WiFi hotspots in key locations around the Kingdom of Bahrain and we are building on that throughout this year. Customers can now access wireless Broadband Internet connections while they're having lunch, meeting friends, waiting for a flight or having a business meeting.' "

o Bahrain opens e-government centre

o TradeArabia portal gains popularity: "The number of visitors to a Bahrain-based business news and information portal has now hit 10,000 a day, on the heels of it winning a prestigious award."

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