Monday, June 27, 2005

Country popularity ratings say a lot about a country's self-image :: Mahalanobis

Dumpsite Larry had recommended I blog on the recent 16-Nation Pew Global Attitudes Survey [pdf]. Mahalanobis beats me to it. This is my favorite bit from his observations:
Western European nations give Germany the highest global favorability ratings of any of the five leading nations (U.S., France, China, Japan and Germany) covered by the survey. Particularly striking are the differences between the self-assessments and global assessments of neighbors Germany and France. Eight-in-ten French believe the world likes their country; while only about half of Germans think the world likes theirs. But Germany’s favorability ratings exceed those of France in 10 of the 16 survey countries.
Guess which country has the highest percentage choosing "we're liked" in response to "how others feel about your country."



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