Friday, June 24, 2005

``It doesn't matter if anything makes money in Abu Dhabi,'' says Anthony Harris, a former U.K. ambassador to the United Arab Emirates who now works as a consultant for Dubai. (Bloomberg.) . . . . The region's oil wealth spills out onto streets clogged with Porsche Cayenne sport-utility vehicles and Mercedes-Benz coupes. In Dubai, restaurants and hotels are packed. The city's Sho-Cho bar is filled with young women who sip $12 vodka Red Bulls and tuck into $100 meals of sushi and sashimi. ``It's a really lively place with lots of beautiful people right by the sea,'' says Omar Ghobash, 34, a Dubai resident who runs a consulting firm that encourages international universities to set up campuses in the emirate. ``What more could you want?''


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