Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sharjah replanning under consideration :: Khaleej Times

QUOTE\\ The report highlighted the main policies adopted in the Directorate of Town Planning and Survey (DTPS), and the main problems and obstacles existing in the DTPS. . . . Ali bin Mohamed bin Saeed, Head of the Recommendation Committee, said that the Sharjah DTPS is a government department playing a significant role in handling the transactions of clients wishing to process their transactions, and it has played a crucial role in planning the main roads and highways in Sharjah. "But we know that there are certain challenges and obstacles preventing the directorate from accomplishing various works and projects within the scheduled time," he said, adding: "Since the establishment of the Consultative Council, a number of recommendations were issued, but they failed to achieve the desired results. . . . we have decided that the geographic location of the emirate must be taken into consideration while planning the emirate. Besides, a population growth study must be prepared to set a proper plan that can absorb the growth, with comprehensive research to overcome the traffic jams and unbearable bottlenecks." //UNQUOTE


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