Sunday, June 26, 2005

What's a good blog? :: New Economist

A good example of what he's talking about in the New Economist. Among the items there that catch my attention today:

Brown: "Europe must reform and reform quickly": "With Chirac seemingly intent on wrecking the UK Presidency, one wonders just how much headway Blair and Brown will make in the next six months. But at least they are clearly staking out the case for a more flexible, competitive and modern Europe."

The failure of Live Aid: "Sometimes aid can do more harm than good, particularly when well-intentioned but naive amateurs are involved."

EU's rules on work don't work: "During their recent referendum campaign the French were, according to press reports, terrified of losing jobs to the proverbial 'Polish plumber' (an attitude that would mystify the average Londoner, who can't do without them). But they need not have been so worried. While in theory the European single market allows workers to take up jobs anywhere in the Union, in practice it is much harder."

There's a reason New Economist is on my regular roll. He's one of my reliable human browsers, and he offers it up with some spicy commentary.


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