Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bloggers express disappointment over web block :: Gulf News

Dubai: The city's blogging community has reacted with disappointment to Etisalat's blocking of a popular Dubai-based blog. Secret Dubai Diary, a weblog that examines UAE life from an occasionally ironic perspective, was blocked for visitors using Etisalat servers on Sunday.

"I have never heard or read of a Dubai blog being blocked before," says Adnan Arif, an award-winning UAE-based blogger. "Out of all the UAE-based blogs it is the most interesting. It is probably the first blog to hit on a formula that works for local readers."
Ironically, the block and the resulting coverage will only increase readership for Secret Dubai.

The article goes on to say that speculation is that this post is what triggered the block. One wonders how Etisilat decides what to block.

7Days reports that Etisilat blocked the New York Times on Monday. Perhaps there's a connection.

Meanwhile, from a Gulf New interview with the Reuters bureau chief in Dubai:

"As part of an international organisation, we are free of the strain that local media may be under. Governments anywhere in the world complain if you’re critical, but as long as it’s objective I see no problem,” she says, quickly praising the huge improvements in local reporting. "It’s much better than a few years ago in terms of freedom and it’s good to see more and more commentators coming out.”


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