Sunday, July 17, 2005

Men demand equality with women :: Khaleej Times

Meanwhile, the women say it is the men who have a shorter workday. Is a five hour work day typical of UAE public sector employees? They won't find those kinds of jobs at full pay in the private sector. Here's the Khaleej Times story in full:

Men demand equality with women
By Lana Mahdi
17 July 2005

AL AIN — A group of employees from Al Ain Municipality has asked for equality between male and females employees, and demanded that their working hours too should end at 2.15pm as is the case with women employees.

Recently, instructions were issued changing the work timings wherein women were required to work till 2.20pm instead of 2.15pm and the males finished their work at 2.30pm instead of 2.25pm.

"But after receiving several complaints from women employees, officials retracted the instructions and allowed women to leave at 2.15pm," said some local media reports.

The reports said that the women complained about how the few minutes affect their families. The group of employees also pointed out that the clerical staff reach office early morning "unlike the departmental heads and directors who work only for five hours and start their work late." Attempts by Khaleej Times to get a clarification from the civic body proved futile with officials declining to comment on the issue.


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They blocked my blog apparently - I am overseas so can't check, but a friend emailed me. Slightly scary. Hope none of the other UAE blogs get nixed. And that I don't get arrested on my return ;)

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