Friday, July 15, 2005

European Commission Report: 2nd generation radicalization :: Independent

QUOTE\ In Brussels, the EU interior ministers also promised yesterday to examine the causes of the radicalisation of young Muslims. An unpublished report from the European Commission identified a "crisis of identity" among young people born to immigrant parents as a key danger.

The document, leaked to the Belgian newspaper De Standaard, describes radicalisation as "a modern kind of dictatorship", likens it to neo-Nazism or nationalism, and says the internet, university campuses and places of worship are tools of recruitment. It says second-generation immigrants often feel little connection to their parents' country or culture but may also encounter discrimination in European countries. "Alienation from both parental roots and country of origin, and the society in which they live, can lead to a desire to identify with a more motivating or powerful locus of identity." /UNQUOTE


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