Thursday, July 14, 2005

Financially Set, Grandparents Help Keep Families Afloat, Too :: NYT

What does this tell you? In families with functioning intergenerational bonds, the families are undoing the excesses of the Social Security System. Welcome to another manifestation of the idea behind Ricardian Equivalence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, now you've completely lost your mind. As I understand it, you're claiming that these grandparents have to fill in for their children because of... Social Security?!?


If this is true, how can you explain the fact that these very grandparents were much more heavily taxed - for S.S. and everything else - during their most productive years (before the Reagan Administration's rollbacks of taxes at the highest margins)?

If anything, S.S. taxes take a tiny amount, especially compared to the other hits on income in the last generation.

Face it: the tax and government policies of the last generation - all classic free-market liberalism - have hurt the middle classes most.

1:57 PM  

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