Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Employment sponsorship transfer rules to be changed :: GN

These relaxations are not sufficient to the level the playing field for Emirati workers who continue to suffer this disadvantage: employers prefer workers who cannot freely leave their job (the expat) over those who can (the Emirati). Until job protections for Emiratis are "better" than for expats employers will resist hiring equally talented Emiratis.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this really change anything for those of us in category 1 (professionals)?

It says that to transfer you need the approval of both old and new employers. If your old employer does not agree, then to take up the new job, you have to quit the old firm and then get a new residence visa from the new employer.

Is it now possible to hand in your residence visa, leave the country and come back the next day to apply for a new residence visa from your new employer, or is there a mandatory period of time between cancelling your old visa and applying for a new one? (Say, 6 months?)

Here is a more sensible solution: issue a residence visa for a minimum period of, say, 10 years. Then it will be up to any employer and a worker to agree to a term-based contract of employment, say 3 years. When the contract has been fulfilled by both parties, then the worker is free to look for other work without the approval of the original employer. When the visa expires, if the person has a job, he can apply for another.

Of course, "sensible" and "UAE labor law" seem to be incompatible terms.

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