Monday, July 11, 2005

Credibility :: Gulf News

It seems, earlier, the United States has failed to detect all factors such as, brutal policies by authoritarian Arab regimes, countless arrests of political activists, violations against human rights, plundering of national resources, prevalent injustice and rampant illiteracy and poverty.

This is not to cast doubts on the values of justice, democracy and human rights integrated in American laws. These values have established an advanced humanitarian culture.
. . .
The United States has been discredited by a long and painful history of its relations with the region. Washington's arguments need to be built on credibility, which has long been undermined.

We hope that another 60 years will not pass before the United States proves the contrary.

Dr Khalifa Bakhit Al Falasi is a UAE intellectual and former Ambassador to Australia.
'Tis true. Dr Al Falasi, however, does not believe the US is now on the right path, and I do.


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