Sunday, July 10, 2005

Tanmia criticised for low success rate :: Gulf News
Minister responsible for the labour market has attacked Tanmia, the UAE's human resource authority

QUOTE\ Dr Ali Bin Abdullah Al Ka'abi, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, said since its establishment up to the end of last year, Tanmia has recruited just 3,100 UAE nationals, while its allocations for the last four years amounted to Dh107 million. "This means that the country has spent more than Dh34,000 to recruit every citizen, which is enormous," he said.
. . .
Dr Al Ka'abi who is also chairman of Tanmia, said the success of emiratisation is pinned on the success of training and providing the labour market with well-trained nationals. Emiratisation is a joint responsibility and all institutions must cooperate to implement recommendations for organising the labour market, he said.

Panels must be set up to work out policies and follow up work of sub-committees in each emirate, which should include representatives from chambers of commerce and industry, economic departments, and the private and public sectors. "Certain jobs in the private sectors must be assigned to UAE nationals only and laws must be issued soon to replace expatriate workers with the national workforce.

Dr Al Ka'abi told businessmen in the private sector: "It is high time to give up the myth that falsely claims that UAE nationals do not accept manual jobs. There is evidence that UAE nationals are willing and prepared to work in various fields," he said. /UNQUOTE



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