Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Nomura report calls a Gulf stock price bubble :: AMEInfo

The Bahrain office of Japanese broking giant Nomura last week surprised clients with a report entitled 'The Great Arabian Bubble' which pointed to a disconnect between the real economy and the financial instruments that are supposed to reflect it in the GCC stock markets in general, and the UAE and Saudi Arabia in particular. . . . stock market investors have run well ahead of the game and heavily borrowed retail investors have fuelled 'The Great Arabian Bubble' in stock values, with a historic price-to-earnings ratio of 50 for the stock market in Saudi Arabia.
Via Secret Dubai (I'll be following the comments on SD's post as well). Sorry to say The Emirates Economist can't tell you if there is a bubble or when it will burst. Don't believe anyone who says they can - which includes those who tell you they can tell there isn't one.

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