Tuesday, July 05, 2005

National nurses fail to carry out responsibilities
'Nurses who fail to meet all job assignments will be considered failures'

QUOTE\ UAE national nurses recruited by the Medical District to meet the serious shortage are not fulfilling their job responsibilities, a senior official said.

The Medical District was facing a shortage of nurses as expatriate nurses, mainly from India and the Philippines, were getting better job offers from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.
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Dr Yasser Eisa Al Nuaimi, who heads the Medical District, said: "This issue should be tackled and handled seriously to support the programme of nationalisation in all medical professions and mainly in nursing.

"The attitude of the national nurses who refuse to carry out their job assignments is totally unacceptable and the failure to complete the job requirement is a basic reason for job termination," he added.
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Dr Al Nuaimi said the implementation of the "privatisation" policy of the UAE's medical sector would leave no room for national nurses unless they met the needs of the private sector.

"National nurses should exert all possible efforts to prove their qualifications and show they can perform their nursing duties. The private sector does not accept employees who prefer to relax," he said.

They officials said the refusal of national nurses to carry out their job correctly indicated the sector would be unstable without expatriate nurses.

Dr Al Nuaimi highlighted the difficulties national nurses faced in carrying out their jobs. He said these difficulties were influenced by the UAE's customs.

"The Ras Al Khaimah Medical District has already received a large number of complaints from national nurses in this regard," he said, adding local traditions put national nurses under pressure.

He added the Medical District was aware of the social and family strains national nurses faced when working the night shift.

Dr Al Nuaimi said the district had received a large number of requests from national nurses to be transferred from their positions in the hospitals to places such as medical centres. He added all such requests had been turned down.

"National nurses should meet their responsibilities in their current positions in the hospitals. None of them will be transferred to other places," he said. /UNQUOTE

Why is a female-dominated profession singled out?



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