Sunday, July 03, 2005

New system for transfer of employee sponsorship being scrutinised :: KT

I post this for later reference; details are sketchy at present.

I would do away with the system of sponsorship. Employers who wished to hire someone without a work visa would have to apply to have them admitted to the country on a work visa. But employees could freely change employers once they have a work visa. The current system makes foreign workers artificially more attractive than native workers. It is also subject to abuse by unscrupulous employers who exploit the inability of the foreign workers to change jobs. Employers would be free to shift the costs of moving to the country to the worker, and/or require any worker to post a bond which is forfeited if the employee quits before a specified period time.

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Blogger secretdubai said...

The problem is that it wouldn't satisfy the need for a sense of "ownership" and control that most UAE employers want over their staff. Witness the continued illegal holding of passports.

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