Friday, July 01, 2005

Man-made laws discriminate :: Arab News, Local Press
A Saudi man who marries a non-Saudi woman will have his wife get Saudi citizenship within five years. This period can be shortened if the husband is able to prove his virility by fathering three children. The faster the children come, the better the chance their mother has of becoming a Saudi citizen. As for the children, they automatically get their father’s nationality.

On the other hand, consider a Saudi woman married to a non-Saudi man. None of the privileges enjoyed by the Saudi man married to a non-Saudi apply here. Not only that, but a host of hurdles and obstacles are put in the Saudi woman’s path. A girl born to a Saudi wife and a non-Saudi husband is granted citizenship only when she is 35 years of age or more (up to 40 years) if she is unmarried until that age.
Why? Who is the law intended to benefit or protect? Men it seems.

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