Thursday, July 21, 2005

Etisalat doesn't block websites :: GN


Etisalat has denied that it had the authority to block websites.
Internet censorship falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information, a senior Etisalat official said.
. . .
"Etisalat is not authorised to decide what people should see," Hashim explained. "If callers complain, either to unblock or block a site, we refer them to the Ministry of Information. We have a formal process."

He denied that Etisalat blocks sites arbitrarily. "We block sites that contain offensive images," he said. "But we do not take decisions over issues of security and cultural sensitivity."

A blogger contributing to discussion site Hauteur Pill said there was never an exceedingly controversial post in Secret Dubai Diary. "The media and bloggers alike all know they can’t do without self-censorship here," he wrote.

Internet access across most of Dubai is restricted by a proxy server.

Using a list of sites provided by an American company this automatically blocks categories of site that are considered incompatible with the country’s traditions or a security threat.


Blogger David Warner said...

Still no question proxies is a wise decision to access blocked websites but I have another easy way to access any obstructed site very easily just one just click and you can accessibility Unblock All Sites

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