Monday, July 25, 2005

Islamist website warns U.A.E. to expel non-Muslims :: Bloomberg


An Islamist Web site warned the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East's fourth-largest oil producer, to expel non Muslims and Westerners, including the U.S. ambassador and other U.S. citizens, within 10 days or risk attack.

``If you refuse to do this, we ask God to settle the matter or we will settle it with our own hands,'' said the posting July 19 by an unidentified individual on al-Sakifah Web site, which also carries statements attributed to al-Qaeda in Iraq.
. . .
The posting also called for the removal of the U.S. ambassador to the Emirates. [The U.S. embassy spokesperson] said the posting could be a repeat of a note the Embassy picked up on a site in April. . . .

Al-Sakifah is an Islamist forum where groups, including al- Qaeda, and individuals post statements. Sites including al-Qalaa and Alezah are monitored by the media and security services for warnings of attacks. The authenticity of statements posted on these Web sites cannot be verified.
We are not afraid.

MORE: Threats to UAE are baseless says official :: GN

UPDATE: A commenter here writes "if you translate the islamic calendar date on the actual statement, rather than the date the statement was (re)posted on the website, you will find the threat was made 18 or 19 march."


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