Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Studies in UK take a hit ::KT
A wave of anxiety and indecisiveness sweeps through UAE's Arab and Asian Muslim community seeking to send their children to universities and colleges in the UK, following the London bombings early this month. A cross section of Asian Muslim expatriate families have expressed apprehensions about their childrens' security, stating they had changed their mind and were now seeking admission for their children in universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other countries. . . . Asked whether the number of applications had dwindled and if there was now a lengthier judging process for students’ applications, she [Vicky Lee-Gorton, Second Secretary Political/Press and Public Affairs, British Embassy in Dubai] said: "The number of applications for visas is currently lower than we would expect at this time of the year. There was a significant drop in the immediate aftermath of the July 7 terrorist attacks, but numbers are slowly increasing. We continue to offer a same day service for all straightforward visa applications, including student applications."
The article does not say, but I presume applications are up at universities in the UAE which compete with US and UK schools for students from the Gulf.


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