Wednesday, July 27, 2005

UAE national women want equality before the law :: GN
Say they, too, should be able to marry nonnationals

The proposal aimed at extending the waiting period for foreign women to apply for UAE citizenship after marrying UAE nationals should not be applied to Arab women, UAE and Gulf national women said yesterday.

Latifa Khadem, a UAE national who is a psychologist, said the law should only be applied to "women who are alien to our culture. There are women with completely different religious or cultural backgrounds. Ten years could limit those marriages," she said. Latifa said the law would encourage UAE national men to marry UAE national women. She said equality before the law would also encourage more marriages. "Women and men should be equal in such matters. Women should be able to marry foreigners as men do," she said.
. . .
Taghrid Al Mughasib, a national and protocol manager at a hotel, said . . . more financial benefits for UAE men marrying their national counterparts would encourage more marriages. Equality before the law, was also important. "I'm not saying a woman should marry her driver or the gardener but there are many suitable men out there. That is better than not marrying at all or doing something that's not acceptable."
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Blogger Bradly Jones said...

They should at least have equal rights before law if religious rules cannot be changed, this way the judiciary system can protect a woman and not have favorites.

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