Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bomber duo lived on UK welfare :: Herald Sun

Give us asylum; give us welfare benefits. But don't expect us to love or respect you. Quoting:
The two bombers were identified as Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, from the war-torn Horn of Africa nation of Somalia; and Muktar Said Ibrahim, 27, thought to be from the troubled northeast African nation of Eritrea.

As polls show growing public concern about Britain's Muslim community, the fact that Omar has been paid almost $60,000 [Australian] in state benefits over six years is likely to cause more outrage. He appears to have been living free in the one-bedroom flat in the northern suburb of Southgate after receiving political asylum.

The bombs were believed to have been assembled there.
. . .
The news is likely to provoke calls for a thorough investigation into Britain's generous political asylum policies. It is likely all bombers in the second attacks were admitted to Britain as asylum-seekers. The killers in the July 7 attacks were either of British or British-Pakistani origin and British citizens. Intelligence sources said yesterday it was likely all the second bombers had connections with Somalia or northeast Africa.
. . .
Police remain puzzled as to why nobody has come forward with information on the four suspects whose pictures have now been all over the media since last Friday. They believe the four certainly have gone to ground and are being protected, which means the cell may be well organised and extensive.


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